My son Isaac Kristopher

My handsome little boy!!!





As I had the privilege of spending the evening with my precious son tonight I had a heavy question to ask myself. I was curious as to what it must be like to have a father. I must admit that I have a step-father that has been around for a long time but it’s not the same for some reason. Then the thought comes into my mind about my heavenly Father. How could He love someone like me? I am nothing special to say the least but He continuously loves me and shows me this through His smiling providences day in and day out. It’s hard for me to imagine what this is like. I guess I just never experienced it with my biological father. I have a few older men in my life that show me love but I still can’t get to the point where I would ever say they are like a real father. Anyway, I look into the face of my beautiful son and I get just a glimpse into what my heavenly Father must love me like. I know His love is perfect and He is free of sinful influence etc. but I look into my sons face and I just have this love for him. I am proud to be his father. I sometimes wonder how perfect His love must be for me and the depths of the security I have in my union with Christ and then it’s His love for His only Son. It’s a great thing to think on when you have a son and don’t have the experience of a father.

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  • Toni McFadden  On August 4, 2011 at 2:49 am

    I cried reading this Love! This is beautiful and I am sure other men of god ponder this same question. I see your love for our son and it’s beauitful and it reminds me of God’s grace in our life. I love you so much! Thank you for posting this:)

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